Non-Toxic Disinfectant, Made At Home.

Microbē is the newest way to make hospital-grade disinfectant, all at home.

Experience Microbē

With Microbē, a new bottle of safe disinfectant as effective as bleach can be made with tap water and just a push of a button, all in the safety of your own home.

Hospital Grade Disinfectant. No Store Trip Required.

Add water.
Drop in our proprietary liquid.
Ready to use in just 10 min.
Protect Your Family

Switch to the only natural cleaner that can disinfect, without any added fragrances, dyes, preservatives or surfactants.

We Believe In Reusable

We don't ship water. With Microbē, you never have to buy (and toss) another single-use disinfectant cleaner bottle again.

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